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We are happy to provide an estimate for the recommended treatment of your pet. However, once the patient has been sedated or anaesthetised, our vet can then fully assess the condition and final cost. Therefore on receiving the estimate, please consider this as an approximate cost, which may significantly increase or decrease.
If the treatment is expected to exceed the approximate costing by more than 25%, we endeavour to contact you for your decision. However, when exceptional circumstances arise, it may become necessary for us to take immediate action for the safety of the patient and will decide on treatment without contacting you.  On these very rare occasions, we kindly ask for your understanding.


Pet Insurance Claims

As an accredited practice for Vetsure Pet Insurance, we work directly with Vetsure in the event of a claim. Payment of your excess, plus any relevant
co-payments will be required from you, once a
pre-authorisation of treatment is agreed. The remaining balance of your bill, will directly be paid to us by Vetsure.

With regards to other pet insurance companies, we cannot guarantee this same service. However, we will endeavour to assist with direct claims, under the following conditions:
1. You have received pre-authorisation consent from your insurance company.
2. A direct claim has been confirmed with the Practice Principal
3. You have provided us with a completed claim form.
4. You present to us a valid certificate of insurance detailing the level of cover and your liable excess. (a photocopy is acceptable)
5. Except for Vetsure patients, a 30% deposit of our fee will be required in all cases. However, if this amount is more than your policy excess, the balance is refunded once we receive payment from your insurer.
We regret that if the above cannot be provided, we are unable to offer direct payment settlements.



In cases of serious and genuine hardship, payment options can be discussed with the Practice Principal.  However, this must be done at the time of consultation and prior to any procedures commencing. When planned payments have been agreed by the Practice Principal, we will require a payment of at least 30% of the total fee when your pet comes home, with the further payments over the following 3 months. An administration charge of £15+ VAT will be applied but interest will not be charged

Comments Questions or Complaints

We always endeavour to provide you with a
first-class service.  If you feel that any member of our team have given you and your pet exceptional care and attention, please contact either our practice manager or principal with your comments. We would also like to hear your suggestions for improving any aspect of our practice too. We do hope that you have no reason for complaint, however if our service at any time causes you upset or concern, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the problem, to help us resolve and improve any failings on our part.

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