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Important Coronavirus Update

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Friday 17th July

Hello everyone! It's time for another update. I hope you are all enjoying the further easing of lockdown, and that you feel much better for seeing those nearest and dearest whom you have been parted from for such a long time. Before my update on the latest news from our clinics, I and the team would like to say a very heartfelt thank you to all our clients for being so patient and understanding.......we could not have survived the last four months without your support! I am very pleased to report that all our staff have now returned to work, and we are functioning as one team again on a 'normal rota' basis. However, as the UK is far from clear of COVID-19, we all have to remain ever more cautious. Therefore, we are introducing a further important protocol to add to our existing ones. In line with national guidance, we would now stress that face coverings must be worn when visiting either our Dunmow or Takeley Clinics. This equally applies to our now normal “car-park consultations”. We are extremely busy at both clinics, seeing many people during our working week and face coverings worn by visitors will not only provide vital protection to our team members, but also help reduce the spread of infection amongst us all. I envisage that our protocols, which are currently operational at the clinics and which can be found on our website, will be operational for at least the rest of this year. As always I and the team are here for you and your pets, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or concerns you may have. Enjoy the rest of the summer and the great outdoors with your pets, family and friends. Best wishes for now...... Jerry.

Friday 26th June

Hello everyone! I hope that you have been enjoying a little more freedom with the easing of lockdown and although the heavy rain and storms were with us for a few days, the summer sunshine has now definitely returned with very high temperatures! Do check out the Summer Sun tips on our Facebook page to help keep your pets happy and healthy during the heat.  We have been continuing with our return to a 'new normal' and hopefully you are aware that our Takeley Clinic re-opened on 8th June..... where we have been extremely busy welcoming you all back to this branch!  The intercom has been installed at the front door making it easy for you to inform us of your arrival.  Most of our team have now returned to work following furlough and it's great to see everyone again and thankfully safe.  We are continuing to work in two teams on alternate days, but can report that on 6th July we will merge to become one team again across our two branches. Happy days!  As always we are here for you and your pets and have been continuously working towards the time when we can allow you to freely enter our premises, which should be able to happen very soon!  However, safety for us all is paramount, therefore we kindly ask that on entering our clinics that you should wear a mask or face coveringWe also provide hand sanitiser at the front desk in reception or you may wish to use your own on arrival.  Our team will endeavour to keep you updated of our progress on the easing of lockdown, so do regularly check our website or Facebook page.  Enjoy the sunshine and stay safe. Bye for now.....Jerry.

Monday 8th June

Hello to you and your pets! I hope that you have all kept well and safe since my last update. With the easing of lockdown, I am pleased to say that as from today Monday 8th June, our Takeley Clinic has re-opened!

Takeley veterinary Clinic

Our staff and client's health and safety remain paramount, therefore our Covid-19 protocols are still active as they have been at Dunmow Clinic. We have now installed an intercom at the Dunmow Clinic entrance door and will soon be installing an intercom at the Takeley Clinic too.

If you are visiting either of our clinics, please follow the guidelines below. 

* Opening hours of  Dunmow and Takeley Clinics can be found on our website and Facebook page.
* Consultations are by appointment.
* On arrival please stay outside. Either call us from your mobile or use the intercom.
* Wait in your car or if you have come by foot, in the car park.
* One owner per pet when possible please.
* We will come and collect your pet from you.
* Please do not enter the clinic, unless invited to do so.
* Clients in our premises will be kept to an absolute minimum.
* For repeat long-term medications we require at least 48 hours notice.
* For flea/worming treatments please call the clinic.
* Please no cash. If possible, telephone payment is required at the time of consultation or medication order, but on-site card payment will be accepted if necessary.
* Out of hours emergencies will be seen by Vets Now. Call your usual clinic and instructions will be given.

I am also very happy to report that we are restoring routine services and will gradually begin to book in vaccination boosters, routine operations and checkups over the next couple of weeks. Any queries that you may have, please do call either clinic where our friendly team can assist you. Have a good week everyone. Jerry.

20th May 2020

Hello Everyone. I hope all is well with you and your pets and talking of pets, meet two very adorable puppies Eric and Ernie who came to visit us recently at our Dunmow Clinic. We just loved the names! Well the good weather is back with us, and as we can now exercise more and perhaps see a family member or friend at the allowed distance, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Here at the practice we have been very busy and are now quite used to the car park consults! Our guidelines and protocols have not changed from the last update, but if you are unsure what these are, then please visit our website for all the information. We are happy for you to call, but as our phone lines are very busy, you may have to wait a while! We still continue to work in two teams on alternate day shifts, and have welcomed back to the teams Hermien one of our vets following her maternity leave, and front desk receptionists Gill and Elaine. It's great to see them again! Watch out for more of 'our family' as they slowly return to the teams. With regards to our temporarily closed Takeley Clinic, we are pleased to inform you that this will re-open on the 8th June, Covid-19 situation permitting, so do keep an eye on our Facebook page for further announcements as we plan our return to normality or nearly! As always, we are here for you and your pets and are so looking forward to the day when we can welcome you all back through our doors again. Keep well and safe. Jerry.

Eric and Ernie

27th April 2020

Hello to you and your pets! Well we might all still be in lockdown, but the weather has been glorious for daily walks and exercise, and also an absolute bonus for car park consultations! We are continuing to follow government advice and RCVS guidelines, to help keep us all safe and healthy. Although practice life is currently different, it does seem to be going reasonably smoothly now we have got used to the 'new way'! Our heartfelt thanks from all the team to our lovely clients for being so understanding and patient while we work our way through consults and other daily veterinary business. Our four-legged visitors though really cannot see what all the fuss is about....... just take a look at the very cute chilled out Cookie who came to see us recently! Hopefully soon we can also relax a bit more, as there is a small light at the end of the tunnel. We have begun making plans for a return to normality when possible, and also looking at re-opening our Takeley Clinic in June. In the meantime, Dunmow Clinic is our base, and please remember to call us from your mobile on arrival for your appointment. We ask clients to stay outside the clinic, however this will be assessed on a case by case basis. If you are unsure of all our Coronavirus protocols, you can access the information on previous updates below.

Until the next update....please take care and bye for now. Jerry Moloney.

Laura with Cookie   Cookie with Jerry
Cookie asleep     Cookie awake

14th April 2020

Following our Easter Break we are back to the Coronavirus Hours

All animals will be seen at Dunmow.
Please call us first on 01371 872102 to assess if your pet needs to be seen.
Dunmow Clinic is open Mon-Fri 9am-6.30pm. Sat 8.30am-12noon

7th April 2020

Emergency Morning Clinics Good Friday and Bank Holiday Monday

Hello everyone. Well not only are the sunshine and blue skies helping to lift our spirits as we all cope with the current situation, but it is also very helpful for our teams who throughout the day, are in and out of the clinic to the car park caring for our clients and their pets. We are very thankful that it's not the winter!
With the Easter weekend just ahead, in normal circumstances we would not open on bank holidays, however this year life is very different, so we will be running Morning Emergency Clinics on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Our Easter hours are:-
Good Friday                  9.30am - 12noon
Easter Saturday            8.30am - 12noon
Easter Sunday               CLOSED
Easter Monday             9.30am - 12noon

If your pet should require veterinary care when we are closed, please call our usual number 01371 872102 and contact instructions will be given for VetsNow Emergency service.

From us all at Moloney Clinics stay safe, healthy and we wish you a Happy Easter. Jerry Moloney

Friday 3rd April 2020

Hello everyone. Well we all seem to be getting used to life's 'new normal' and also a new way of caring for your pets. As one client put on our Facebook page her pet....'Floss really enjoyed her first ever drive-thru vets experience!' Our first week has been challenging and very busy! Not too much has changed since our last update, so here's an easy Moloney protocol reference for you all. Please be assured that we are still here for you and your pets.

We have two teams working alternate shifts.
Takeley Clinic is temporarily closed. - All animals will be seen at Dunmow.
Please call us first on 01371 872102 to assess if your pet needs to be seen.
Dunmow Clinic is open Mon-Fri 9am-6.30pm. Sat 8.30am-12noon
One owner per pet when possible please.
On arrival please stay in the car and call us from your mobile.
We will come and collect your pet from you.
Clients in our premises will be kept to an absolute minimum.
For repeat long-term medications we require at least 48 hours notice.
For flea/worming treatments please call the clinic.
Please no cash. Telephone payment is required at time of consultation or medication order.
Out of hours emergencies will be seen by Vets Now. Just call our number 01371 872102 for instructions to contact the emergency service.

Again we thank you for your support, understanding and patience. Enjoy the warmer temperatures that are heading our way on your daily exercise or in your gardens. Stay safe, well and take care..... Jerry Moloney.

27 March 2020

Hello everyone. I hope you are all coping well, staying healthy and adjusting to the current way of life.  If you are feeling worried about your pets, we want to absolutely reassure you that should your pet fall ill or require some form of necessary veterinary care, we are still here for you. However, it has been necessary to reorganise our clinics and team to enable us to continue in providing the best care and understanding possible during the Coronovirus situation. It is paramount that both you and our team are kept safe and the risk of infection is kept low. We have divided our vets and nurses into two teams who will alternate a working pattern day to day. Our reception team is now on leave. We have slightly reduced our hours, which can be found on our website or Facebook page, and as previously informed, all animals will be seen at Dunmow Clinic. Our Takeley Clinic opening hours remain temporarily suspended until the situation changes. It is still our aim to keep the number of people within and entering the clinic at Dunmow to an absolute minimum and our protocol has not changed regarding appointments. On arrival please stay in your car and call from your mobile to inform us you are waiting, but please be patient if we take a while to answer as we may be dealing with our patients. Our team will be masked and gloved. In general, clients will stay outside the clinic, but this will be assessed on a case by case basis. Your pet will receive their examination within the clinic and be sent home with any necessary treatment or be admitted for hospitalisation if required. We would like to avoid any cash payments, so would prefer payment by card to minimise any risks. Again we would like to thank you for your understanding, patience and compliance during this challenging time and hope that we can all focus for a return to normality in the not too distant future. Enjoy the sunshine and blue skies we are having! Take care. Jerry Moloney.

24 March 2020
Good morning. In view of the current situation, we now have no option but to close our Takeley clinic during the emergency period. We will endeavour to continue seeing ill and injured animals at our Dunmow clinic. The closure of  our Takeley clinic will take effect at 5pm Tuesday 24th March. Further details will be posted once we know more, so please keep checking here on our website page and our Facebook Page. Please stay safe and well.
Jerry Moloney.

22 March 2020
We hope you are all keeping well, safe and coping as best you can with the current Coronavirus situation.
Firstly, we would like to assure you that we are OPEN AS USUAL. 
Our regular opening times are our website and also on Facebook page.

In these unsettled times, it is important that we all endeavour to help each other for our safety and well-being, so at both our clinics we are introducing new protocols which are taking immediate effect.  We assure you that we will do our utmost to continue providing excellent veterinary care for your pets while at the same time helping to keep our clients and staff safe whilst in our clinic environment.

We aim to maintain social distancing by ensuring that we only have a maximum of 2 clients in our waiting rooms at any one time.  Therefore, consultations will now be staggered throughout the day.  Where at all possible, please only one owner per pet and sadly, but in the interests of safety and health, we have to say no children allowed in the clinic buildings. We kindly ask that on arrival for your pet's appointment you either report to reception or call us from your mobile phone,, and if there are clients already in the waiting room, please wait in your car until we call you for your appointment, or perhaps wait outside if you’ve arrived on foot (weather permitting!).

For everyone's health and safety, please wash your hands when entering and leaving the building at Dunmow, or use hand sanitiser at Takeley.  Our high standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout both clinics are being maintained and constantly increased to reflect the current health situation.

We fully understand your pets are much-loved family members, so we assure you that we will do our utmost to help our clients and their pets even if further movement restrictions become necessary.  Please do not hesitate to call us for more information or with any queries you may have.  We thank you for your understanding at this time, and do keep an eye on our Facebook page and websites for further updates.  Until life returns to normality, please..... stay safe and well.